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Posted by Admin on May 31, 2011 at 1:39 AM


A very sad day it will be for me when Hap joins his comrades in that great Flight heading west. He has been one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Many times with my work, it has seemed bleak, almost out of reach, but he would always state to me during those dark times.


Well..I am on course Hap... and I am getting there.

He is also the most enlightened man I have ever met. His inner observations of the worldly trivial issues we all go through daily, brought real clarity to it`s real insignificance in the big picture of things in life as we all press on. Hap has always pressed on into the Light.. never the darkness. He has led the way for many of us.

1. Are you well and happy?
2. Are you centered?
3. Do the things that make you feel good. Reach out. Help others.
4. Be thankful for the good things in your life.Thank God for your gifts.
5. Hold on to your convictions, encourage others they can overcome anything if they try.

Hap is one of those very special people that you rarely meet in life. I have known him well for 25 yrs. He mentored me along with Henry Sakaida with a project with reuniting Japanese & American Fighter Aces [veterans] in the 80s. This was before the U. S. & Japanese governments decided to meet in Peace at Hawaii in 1991. I traveled to Japan and met those valiant men. They were gracious hosts. These were good people who had families, also loved their country. I stayed at their homes, we shared meals together with their grandchildren. Government officials in Tokyo who I met and worked with would take immediate notice when Hap made the formal introductions.

These were very wise men. I saw the level of respect they all had for Hap. It was then I truly knew he was one of those few gifted people. There is something very different and good about them, you sense their Light. If you are lucky in life, as you travel on your journey, you might meet a few people like Hap, and get to know them. His experiences during WWII forever changed his life. He used those as a Springboard to be enlightened, going forward, learning there is a better way, versus taking a negative point of view and becoming disenchanted with his life. Hap made his commitment.

Hap took the risk of awakening those inner demons who would visit him at 3:00 in the morning. Revisiting; being shot down and hanging in a parachute, seeing the flames of Tokyo on fire get closer, as he drifted into them. Being beaten daily in the Omiri Zoo in a cage meant for animals. And yes..going back to Japan and meeting the men who tortured him. He overcame those dark memories, with courage and conviction. That is who Hap is as a man.

He is a great man. As Hap travels in and out of the clouds with his final Missions. I am very sure it is with an open heart, and free of the worldly pain many of us carry every day. There is a great lesson to be learned herein. I hope you all well. No need to worry about good thoughts for Hap. He is already doing so reaching out for all of us.. with goodwill on our behalf to help us on our journeys, he will always be with us. Those are the lessons Hap taught me.

"There is nothing impossible to him who will try." - Alexander The Great

Hap has lived his life by those words above.



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