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An Airman's Story

Duty, Honor, Country... The Legacy Continues


It is very relevant that we must preserve these valiant legacies for the next generation of Americans. Whether against totalitarian states during WWII, or global terrorism today. Our courageous men and women in the Armed Forces have paid that price for all Americans. An Airman Story is hereby dedicated to their service and commitment. A new generation of Americans has answered the call to duty. They are the vanguards of freedom. They are selfless, courageous individuals, who are freely giving their today's, for our tomorrows. We owe them so much. Help a military family, hire a veteran, help honor our men and women who serve in the Armed Forces.

 Freedom is not free!



 - Leon J. DeLisle

              Leon J. DeLisle

"Those of us who lived have to represent those who didn't make it"     
-BGen. Joe Foss USAF [Ret.]  USMC Fighter Pilot 1942 Guadalcanal
Congressional Medal of Honor

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