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Leon J. DeLisle - President and CEO of An Airman's Story Foundation Inc.

Leon J. DeLisle was born in Ross, California, September 10. 1950. He is the son of Leon A. DeLisle and Ann DeLisle. He was educated at San Rafael High School, College of Marin and Chico State, California. He was an outstanding athlete in football, basketball, and wrestling. Mr. DeLisle's passionate interests are in promoting enthusiasm for American history and aviation. As a military historian DeLisle has created aviation exhibitions that were highly acclaimed all over the USA. DeLisle has a wealth of "hands on" experience in large scale event productions. He created "Wings of Friendship" international friendship festival in Japan, which created the ripples of goodwill between former WWII combatants.
  DeLisle has worked very closely at sensitive levels within the U.S. government. He has interfaced with foreign governments in the Orient and Europe. He has correspondence dating back several decades. This has provided a platform for DeLisle to have known personally and worked with over a hundred veterans organizations from the U.S. and worldwide. DeLisle was directly involved with the planning of the veteran commemorations in Hawaii, the 50th Anniversary of World War II 1941-1945 / 1991-1995. Mr. DeLisle's current work in progress is epic in scope, powerful yet very sensitive and compelling. He is chronicling on film the personal accounts of veterans who were pilots or crews, who served so valiantly in our nation’s history. " The medium of film presents to the viewers the opportunity to share the real stories of these courageous men & women, as they recall their early dreams of flight...their raw emotions, their sense of pride, honor and patriotism. The tears flows truly is an honor for me, as I travel on this journey with these great people ."
Follow the journey, as DeLisle unlocks these deep feelings that have been locked away within their memories of passing time. DeLisle has a vast matrix of experience in this venue. This has enabled him to bring to the viewers the early adventures of flight from; Props to Jets, and into the space age. Join DeLisle as he takes you on the aloft, with the anthology of Air Power within "An Airman's Story."   ©™
Mr. DeLisle passionately states;   "This body of work is my gift to humanity for all freedom loving people."

Nick Provenzano - Video Editorial Supervisor

Nick Provenzano brings over 20 years of film and video production experience to “An Airman's Story.” After graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Broadcast Communication Arts, he worked continuously as a camera operator, editor, producer and director for numerous commercials, infomercials, corporate and legal productions. For the past 10 years he has worked at the premiere Special Visual Effects company in the world where he has helped bring monsters, robots and space aliens to the silver screen. In addition to his production work, Nick's other passion is history. He has spent what little free time he has studying the military history of the United States. He  is  currently  a  member  of  the  World War II  Research  and  Preservation  Society, an organization that strives to accurately portray the soldier, weapons and vehicles of WWII, in addition to recreating pivotal battles of World War II. The organization reaches out to veterans of the war in order to document their testimonies and life experiences. "An Airman's Story" seemed a natural extension of the work Nick was already doing and he is grateful to be part of such a noble and important undertaking.

Michael Maley - Director of Cinematography

Michael Maley started in the film industry as a teenager working for his father, legendary gaffer Bill Maley. Mike's first feature work was as the "Car Detailer" on American Graffiti. He worked his way up through the ranks until he became a gaffer himself, working on such studio films as Raising Cain, Shadow Of A Doubt, Radio Flyer, Look Who's Talking Too, and Wolf, among others. The transition to cinematography was a natural for Mike, and he got his first big break as a camera effects operator on Honey I Shrunk The Kids. Mike continues to do SFX camera work on features like Flubber, in addition to "D. P.-ing" commercials for national ad agencies and clients such as Quaker Oats, Toyota, GMC, Budget, and MTV. He photographed The IMAX Special Effects Documentary which was nominated for an Academy Award last year, as well as a host of independent short films and features including The Magic Boat, Liar's Dice, Palooka, San Francisco: The Movie, Boy's Night Out and American Storytellers' The Sensible Thing.

Fred Runner - Sound Mixer

Fred Runner began his career 25 years ago right out of college recording sound on over 130 television documentaries on a nationally televised show called Hour Magazine. In 1983 Fred worked on the Academy Award winning movie: "The Right Stuff " the winner of Best Sound Mixing, Best Editing award. Fred also worked on other high profile feature films including; Batman Begins, Patch Adams, Basic Instinct, Mrs. Doubtfire, Total Recall, and The Pursuit of Happiness. Fred is a published Author; Mount Tamalpais Scenic Railway.He is the historian for the West Point In, last standing building on the mountain.

His true passion is working with pilots and crews from military aviation. He has worked on a documentary with the legendary WWII B-17 pilot of the "Memphis Belle." He has flown on tour as a docent with The Collings Foundation B-17, B-24, B-25. Fred has recorded the sounds of many other airplanes for documentaries. As these vintage planes fly by he states to the audience with a smile of reverence on his face; "That was the sound of freedom fly by."

Brent Holland - Cinematographer

Brent Holland owns and operates a video production studio where he spends most of his time behind the camera. He has a passion for film making and storytelling. He spent three years working for Video maker magazine where he taught video production workshops and wrote feature articles about film making. He continues to write for Videomaker magazine and takes the opportunity to teach classes as often as he can. Some of his recent work includes a documentary on the 80's classic "The Goonies" as well as the production of a ten episode home improvement show.

Ron Mullins - Photographer / Image Development

Ron Mullins has worked in the visual arts & media field for over four decades. His career started out on the East Coast as a commercial photographer working in New York City and the Washington D.C. area. He has enjoyed working with and learning from top designers in a variety of fields, from fashion, interior design, and Rock Bands. Several visits to the West Coast opened up new interests and subject matter for him in nature, health and the environment. Ron's keen interest in these areas caused him to re-locate and open a studio and commercial photo lab just north of San Francisco, which served both his own needs and those of fellow photographers and artists. During WWII his mother, Opal Mullins, worked at the Glen L. Martin plant in Maryland as a "Rosy the Riveter" building the famous B-26 Martin Marauder. Hearing the war stories and memories from childhood living near the Glen L. Martin Plant has kept the love of aviation and the history of those pilots & crews alive for Ron to this very day. He knows they flew the missions that gave Americans and the world the freedom to pursue the life we have today. For this reason, being a part of the “Airman Story” crew is very special to Ron. The experiences of these brave men & women must be told for us to realize the price they paid for our freedom.

Nat Quick - Consulting Artist/Historian

Nat Quick, Francis Nathaniel Quick Jr. was born December 2nd, 1942, in Sumter, South Carolina, at Shaw Air Force Base. Due to his father’s 27 year career in the Air Force, “Nat”, as he is now known, has lived in a variety of locations, including Texas, Florida, the Panama Canal Zone, and Oklahoma. He feels fortunate to have experienced the Air Force’s transition into the “Jet Age”, ending an era of propeller driven aircraft. Nat’s artistic talents and love of aviation began to show early on when, at age 4, to his mother’s displeasure, he drew a B-29 on his bed sheet. From this young age, Nat’s mechanical aptitude and ability to visualize three dimensionally has shown in his art and scale models, to his present projects.
Nat has worked with numerous bands, entertainment personalities, and professional race teams in venues of land, sea and air. These include international race teams and record holders such as “Big Daddy” Don Garlits, John Force, Connie Kalitta, Don Prudhomme, Frank Taylor’s “Dago Red” and Bob Button’s “Voodoo” air race Mustangs, and Howard Arneson’s offshore race boats. His association with various promotional organizations has produced some of his most striking works of art. Being a cancer survivor from 1997, Nat has undergone a complete laryngectomee (the removal of his voice box/larynx). He now resides in Petaluma, California, and continues to draw and paint with the same passion he had as a youth.

Marc Verresen - Development Consultant

 Marc Verresen was educated in Marin County, California and studied at the University of California at Santa Cruz, where he received his diploma in Business and Economics. After college, he went to work at The Anderson School of Business, UCLA, as a business development coordinator. In Los Angeles he also worked for a successful producer and various film production companies refining his skills as a development executive, finding out what it takes to bring a project from it's very beginning to it's successful end. He was responsible for finding investors to fund Independent films, to attach directors to projects, maintain relationships between writers, their agents and the studios, finally seeking distribution for their completed projects. "I am honored to be a development consultant on this powerful project and look forward to fulfilling a common vision."

"There is Nothing Impossible to Him Who Will Try" - Alexander the Great

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